Invisalign® Aligners Make Better Braces

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Whenever there is a certain need, technological advancements occur to fill the space and improve our lives. You can take braces for an example. For decades, maybe even longer, the only option you had to straighten your teeth was with metal brackets and wires. While that was a welcome technological improvement in its time, and still is a useful method for difficult cases today, the process is complex, uncomfortable, and metal braces are not exactly aesthetically pleasing.

Many people have lived with crooked teeth because they didn’t want to get braces. Whether because of the hassle or self-consciousness, the need was for a less bothersome alternative. It took some time before technology was advanced enough to answer the call, but everything changed in the late 1990s when clear aligners came about.

Invisalign® was first on the scene and is currently the most popular clear aligner on the market. Invented and developed by a Stanford student by the name of Zia Chishti after undergoing adult orthodontic treatment himself and wondering if there wasn’t another way. While contemplating his molded retainer, he had an epiphany, and with the help of an engineer friend, they developed the first clear aligners. Made to incrementally move teeth into perfect alignment with a series of slightly adjusted molds, they have the benefit of being a nearly invisible orthodontic appliance with the added convenience of being removable for eating, brushing, and cleaning.

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