Friendly Staff

We understand that a trip to the dentist can make you feel uneasy or nervous. To make sure your visit is as smooth and pleasant as possible, we provide personalized, quality care in a relaxing, comfortable environment. Our staff is highly trained and is always efficient, caring and courteous. We will always give you a warm welcome and provide helpful answers to any of your dental concerns or questions.

Our entire staff operates as a team and we take great pride in each members training and capabilities. We are committed to providing superior dental care, not only because we're professionals who are concerned for the well-being of our patients. but because our patients should expect nothing less.

We love what we do. and it shows on our faces - we're always smiling around here. We do our best to make your visit comfortable and even fun. Don't be surprised if ifs the best time you ever have at a dental office!

Patient Focus

We know that many patients are apprehensive about receiving dental care. That's why we pride ourselves on our ability to make each patient as comfortable as possible. We are confident that we can help our patients gain the ease and confidence to achieve not only complete dental health. but beautiful smiles as well.

Our first priority is always to provide relief for patients in pain. We understand that providing a comfortable experience in the dental chair will assure that patients develop a habit of consistent, long-term dental health care.

We listen to your concerns. After your dental examination, we offer different appropriate options for your treatment. We help you choose the treatment plan that best meets your needs.

You'll love the personal attention we give to your comfort and appearance. And. you'll appreciate our use of the latest materials, modern treatment techniques, and our pleasant relaxed environment.

Quality Care

More options. more comfort. more quality of care - we work hard to achieve these goals. We promise a caring environment that will make you feel comfortable in your new dental home.

To guarantee that our patients receive the best oral care. we seek the highest level of knowledge and expertise. Along with advanced training in their fields. our doctors, hygienists, assistants. and other staff members consistently attend continuing education classes and specialty seminars.

We continually update all our equipment to provide you with the very latest in technological advancements. We are committed to offering the most effective treatments possible. for everything from simple fillings to complex oral surgery.

With our professional clinical resources, latest technological advances, and our genuine concern. we aim to enlighten your dental awareness. enhance your oral preventative skills, and maintain a long-lasting and healthy relationship.


We know that visiting the dentist can be stressful for many people. It is one of our primary goals to make you as comfortable as possible from the moment you arrive. Feel free to talk with our staff about any concerns or questions you may have. We desire you to be comfortable and always welcome in our office.

You'll find all sorts of ways we make dental care more relaxing and pleasant:

  • Television viewing- during treatment or in reception area.
  • Blankets - keep you warm and cozy
  • Intraoral cameras - take quick color photos of the teeth and display them on a screen for you to see

Dental Sedation

Dental sedation refers to the use of anesthesia during dental procedures such as tooth implants, root canals, and tooth extraction. Sedation is often used during procedures that require an extensive amount of time. You may be a candidate for dental sedation if you suffer from dental anxiety, dental phobia, or a condition that renders you unable to control your movements. Children are often good candidates for dental sedation.

There are two types of sedation that can be used during a dental visit:

  • Intravenous sedation - Oral sedative
  • General anesthesia

Patients who are on other medications should consult with the dentist before taking sedatives. Previous allergic reactions to other drugs should also be reported to the dentist.


Our entire staff is fully trained and continually updated on all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Here are a some of the ways we strive to assure your continued good health:

  • Meet and exceed all required OSHA Standards
  • Autoclave heat sterilization of all instruments and handpieces
  • Water filtration system-bacteria free water lines

We will take every possible care to provide you with dental treatment under conditions of the utmost safety. We understand that even a thorough patient medical history cannot identify every patient with an infectious disease. so the blood of all dental patients is treated as if it were infectious. Known as Universal Precautions, this approach ensures you a maximum degree of protection.

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